Social Media

No matter the size of your operation, from a single location to many, a vibrant social media presence is vital. It helps you engage in a conversation and stay in regular contact with potential customers. Social media is also a sharing experience, allowing readers to exponentially increase your audience by passing on the useful content we provide.

Developing and maintaining that vital brand loyalty
By communicating directly with potential guests you remain at the front of their mind when decisions are to be made.

Raising your visibility and presence
Improving your performance in vital searches, and encouraging others to share their positive experiences, places you in front of ever-increasing numbers of potential customers.

Harnessing the power of feedback
Social media is an interactive place. Complimentary or testimonial comments can be shared, either by your or by the individuals themselves. Equally, should an unhappy customer express their views, you have the chance to quickly know about this. You can then work to solve a problem and gain a positive reaction by doing so.

Constantly promoting your business
Should you decide to make offers or provide discounts during your less busy times of year, such messages can be delivered widely and instantly.

Promoting your hotel location
Talking to people about what they can enjoy in the area around your actual location when using your hotel facilities helps persuade them towards a positive decision. You can tell them about the “secrets” of your area that might not be widely publicised, activities they may not have known were locally available, and facilities they will appreciate, and this can help with their decision-making.

Allowing you to stand apart from your competitors
Use social media to make your location or services both unique and superior to those offered by key competitors. We will work with you to build an identity and then harness its power across key social media platforms.

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