Hotel SEO

Can your potential guest find you?

How many of your bookings come through your website? 5%, 10%, maybe 20%? The fact is, a well optimized website which ranks for targeted keywords can and does get over 65% of their bookings DIRECT from their website. So if less than half of your bookings are online, your website is holding you back.

The main reason is that nobody can find you. There are over 161 million other websites competing in Google for the search term “Sydney hotels”. In order to rank in at least the first 3 pages or the first 30 organic results, your site needs to be well optimised. Hotel SEO or Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves more than just optimising your own website. Other factors include, other similar websites that link to you and that give you what Google considers “authority”.

Online Travel Agents and accommodation directories are a common workaround, but their cost-per-lead is very high and only 19% of travelers book through OTA’s, so they may not deliver a return on investment over the long term.

The way forward is to have a BALANCE of OTA bookings and DIRECT bookings, with direct bookings being the largest source of your revenue.

Like all online marketing, the real key to it is knowing your audience. And that’s something that only on-the-ground experience can provide. This rare combination of talent and knowledge that we have will allow us to implement proven technical expertise with our hotel industry experience, to deliver a search engine optimisation, hotel SEO service that delivers results.

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