What’s the View Like From Outside?


When booking hotels, people often ask for a ‘room with a view’. Well, any room has a view of some kind! What they are really asking for is one with an attractive view, perhaps in a certain direction where they most want their eye to be taken. This is a case of looking for a view from the 'inside out’.

However, this blog turns the situation around and asks about the view from the outside looking inwards. This isn’t about your business itself, but specifically about your hotel website design. There is one overwhelmingly powerful reason for trusting its creation, or that of your hotel SEO content, and even the creation of your social media postings, to a professional and experienced company.

That reason is you. Indeed, we might respectfully even have changed ‘reason’ to ‘problem’! Before you take us to task about this, it’s an accidental problem and a valid reason. If you are the owner or manager of one or more hotels or villas, particularly if you have fulfilled that role for a while, your view is naturally going to be from the inside out.

This means that you understand and appreciate how your business operates, its quirks and intricacies. The danger is that any content created from inside the business reflects this. Gradually, over time, it can move away from the true purpose; to attract those who know little or nothing about you. This means that you might inadvertently use in-house words or phrases or jargon, and forget that first-time readers might simply be confused by it. The result of this is likely to be that they then search elsewhere.

The same situation can lead to the ‘obvious’ being omitted. The knowledge you have from working inside the business, the everyday tasks you undertake, the familiarity with your location, can lead to key pieces of information being missed. Finally, with your owner or manager hat on, it’s easy to appreciate the reasons why visitors should book your hotel or villa. It can be more difficult to express these in terms of what’s actually in the minds of your potential customers.


All of the above should show the value of ‘outside eyes’. Our team here at SCConsulting can use a dispassionate eye to create effective SEO services for your hotel or villa business. We can work at providing the information potential customers need to know, answering the questions they’d like to ask. In this way, your business is presented from their viewpoint – that of outsiders looking in.

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